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In case you are not used to handheld remote control rock crawling, you'll quickly come to realize that there is a lot to understand and many options to make before investing in the hobby. Although rock crawling can be a newer hobby inside remote control car/truck world, it is has had off and is also the most popular off-road rc hobby on the market. It has even gotten quite competitive in america, great britain and Australia. So, let's join in and talk about need to get started in this exhilarating way of spending your day.

best rc crawler

Let's define some terms with an idea of what individuals are discussing. RC rock crawling simply describes the hobby of taking the real sport of driving vehicles strait up rocky mountainsides in full size 4 wheel drive vehicles and simulating that sport using remote device vehicles who's structure and components greatly resemble the full size vehicle.

The phrase 1/10 describes vehicles which can be a 1/10th scale type of a complete size rock crawler. These are the larger forms of rock crawlers you should buy. There is also a 1/16th scale size it is possible to run if you like. Although the vehicles are small, they pack quite a bit of technology from servos, electric motors and circuits to special springs, flexible suspension, authentic tires and shocks. More definitions will be future articles.

best rc crawler

Like any sport or hobby, there are lots of amounts of skill and hardware. And therefore, you need to commence with beginner equipment and work your way up to more competition scale rock crawler. Some entry level to intermediate level crawlers range from the Axial AX10 RTC as well as the Tamiya CR-01.

The large aspect to understand once you begin would be that the body with the vehicle is regarded as the expensive part to upgrade so choose the body which you like the most as well as the wheels and drive train can be upgraded with time. Consider a closer look on the Tamiya CR-01.

Every owner has their favorites but here are some points to consider with this crawler. The most popular form of the CR-01 will be the Land Cruiser nevertheless the Bronco can also be extremely popular and also the Wrangler includes a light kit. The Bronco is sold with cliff crawler tires that are usually better tires so many owners put Bronco tires around the Land Cruiser and Wrangler crawlers. The Wrangler is actually a bit top heavy as it has a hard shell body.

The AX10 RTC is a very popular crawler. Many owners will agree that the AX10 has definitely the best after market support. That means parts and upgrade options are readily available. This is very important because you'll find that half the fun of this hobby is upgrading and giving you better crawler frequently. Using a great choice of tires, servos, motors along with other upgrades is essential. The AX10 RTC comes complete with everything else you need to get crawling straight away. The RTC stands for Read To Crawl. The tires, servos and motor make the perfect start.

When you start rock crawling, you might like to begin making some improvements to your crawler. Below are a few ideas: For the CR-01, you'll want a 44-55T motor, better tires including Proline Hammer G8 and 4 wheel steering is essential once and for all handling. Also, consider some high torque servos. For the AX10, many owners go for the aluminum upgrade/conversion kit for that links that connect the chassis to the axles and steering. The stock ones are plastic and can bend a whole lot. It is usually a bonus to upgrade the tires to softer tires with higher tread to them.

RC rock crawling is definitely a fun hobby and continues to grow as increasing numbers of people join up and much more products are released. There are many options already plus more coming constantly. We've covered just entry-level gear in the following paragraphs and you will be discussing more customized crawlers in the future conversations. Happy crawling.


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